Fiesta Farm Spring 2014 Horse Show April 26-27th

FIESTA FARM will host its SPRING HORSE SHOW on April 26th and 27th 2014.  For copy of the prize list in a printable form, click here: Spring 2014 Prize List printer copy.  For a link to our ON-LINE ENTRY BLANK, enter this link in your browser:

The horse show will feature our annual HORSEMANSHIP TEST in three age groups divisions.  The prizes will be horse books like The $80 Dollar Champion (about the famous show jumper Snowman), horse encyclopedias, horse psychology book by Linda Tellington-Jones, sports psychology book to help with human nerves or another mental blocks to better riding, etc.  There will be two books and an I-Tunes card for each age group’s winner.  Come and take the test, even if you are not able to show.  Fiesta Farm will also host its EQUITATION EXTRAVAGANZA and EQUITATION ELIMINATION, many ETHJA rated hunter, jumper and equitation divisions, lots of classes for beginners, prizes for the winning trainers of our featured classes and engraved trophies.

This horse shows SNACK BAR will feature lots of PASTA and CAKE.  Who doesn’t love lots of great carbs!  Vegetarian and healthy eaters should also be able to low find low carb salads and/or non-meat dishes.

Our judge is Mary Shepard of Ocala, Florida.  Mary is a long term professional horseman with tons of experience in most aspects of the hunter jumper world.  Please join us on Monday and Tuesday the 28th and 29th for a CLINIC with Ms. Shepard at an affordable rate of $50 for a 90 minute group session.  Ms. Shepard is a favorite clinician with FF riders as she emphasizes  basic tenants of classic riding that have profound impacts on everything we do in the saddle.  Please email for a reservation.


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