Fiesta Farm Fall CLASSIC Horse Show 2019

This year’s CLASSIC show will also host a DERBY, to be ridden in the main ring as well as a few jumps “in the field” over a new, very small jump in the arena fence line. Our judge this year is Jay Moore from Huntsville, AL. This show, in addition to most of the usual ETHJA rated divisions, “Classics” and the Derby, will host a Beginner Rider Horsemanship class. This class is designed for all beginners and will consist of several “tasks” to be completed in the ring with the help of one attendant. Each rider who completes all of the required tasks (that may include: leading their animal, dropping a baton into a tub, answering a simple horsemanship question, riding through a “maze” of ground rails, demonstrating a two-point, etc.) will each receive a special prize. I hope the class and horse show is a fun event.