The Bluh Mountie

The Bluh Mounty: Fabulous, dark brown, LARGE PONY gelding who will be available for lease at the end of 2013. “Monty” has a soft, smooth way of going and carrying his rider. He is a wonderful first large pony who “helps” his riders to ‘find the distances’ and to ride well. Kind and easy to ride. Great jump, easy changes, and huge stride with a wonderful rhythm.  Qualified and shown at the pony finals in 2010. Qualified (with one attempt) but not shown in 2011. He is the winner anywhere in the country in the Children’s Pony hunters as well as competitive in the Large Pony division. Currently leased. Available December 1st 2013.

The Bluh Montie, Conyers, 2013

The Bluh Montie showing in the large pony division, Conyers 2013

The Bluh Mounty 2012




See three videos of The Bluh Mounty

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