Equisport “A” horse show at Will’s Park

Cassie and Carter continued to do well on the second day of the Equisport February horse show at Will’s Park in Alpharetta, GA.  King Me was reserve champion in the regular Medium Pony division and Stonewall Stratus was champion in the Large Green Pony division.  In addition to winning the USEF pony medal on Saturday, Carter also won the Washington Pony Equitation class on Sunday and was second in the Pony Hunter Classic.  Congratulations to both riders on their successes.

EquiSport Horse Show at Will’s Park

Day 1 of the EquiSport “A” horse February 4, 2012 is complete. The two Fiesta Farm riders and their two ponies had a successful day. C. A. won the USEF pony medal and was 2nd and 1st over fences with a 4th in the ‘hack’ in the regular medium pony division on her pony King Me. C. D. won both of her over fences classes with a 4th in the hack on her large green pony Stonewall Stratus. Congratulations to both girls!!!

Results: RMI December Horse Show at Will’s Park

Fiesta Farm recently competed in the RMI Horse Show in Alpharetta, GA. at the Will’s Park Horse facility on December 8-11.  Several of the riders and horses/ponies were champions in their respective divisions.

  • Josie Nadaud on Alexander were champion in the 3’3″ Children’s Hunter division, in which they were competing for the first time.
  • Cassie Donnell on her pony Stonewall Stratus were competing for the first time in the Large Green Pony division.  He was champion, making him qualified for the USEF Pony Finals in August of 2012.  It was a proud moment as Cassie purchased the pony almost two years ago as a green broken prospect.
  • Grace Roberts competed perhaps for the last time on her leased pony Sterling Silver in the short stirrup divisions, winning all four of the hunter and equitation over fences classes.  She was champion in both the equitation and hunter divisions.
  • Carter Anderson on her medium pony King Me won the USEF pony equitation class making her eligible to compete in the USEF August finals.

Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop. A wonderful first PONY.  “Dickens” has taught many, many children how to ride. He “goes” without ever being fast or scary. Very cute and appealing under a young rider. 12.2 palomino suitable for children under 4’8” and 80 LBS to learn to walk, trot and canter. Will jump tiny jumps and has won many, many Beginner Rider championships in his younger days as well has won numerous BEST COSTUME class prizes with several children at our Halloween Horse Show. Currently Leased.  Available March 2013

“Dickens” as the sun and his rider as the moon and stars.


The Bluh Mountie

The Bluh Mounty: Fabulous, dark brown, LARGE PONY gelding who will be available for lease at the end of 2013. “Monty” has a soft, smooth way of going and carrying his rider. He is a wonderful first large pony who “helps” his riders to ‘find the distances’ and to ride well. Kind and easy to ride. Great jump, easy changes, and huge stride with a wonderful rhythm.  Qualified and shown at the pony finals in 2010. Qualified (with one attempt) but not shown in 2011. He is the winner anywhere in the country in the Children’s Pony hunters as well as competitive in the Large Pony division. Currently leased. Available December 1st 2013.

The Bluh Montie, Conyers, 2013

The Bluh Montie showing in the large pony division, Conyers 2013

The Bluh Mounty 2012




See three videos of The Bluh Mounty

Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver. This is a super pony. “Lenny” has successfully ‘developed’ a number or young riders. His current rider will move into the Short Stirrup and children’s pony division in 2013. He has a great rhythm and is ultra easy to ‘see the distances’ on. A grey medium, he is competitive in the Short Stirrup & Children’s Pony and can still do the regular Mediums. Shown at the Pony Finals many times including: 2008 in the mediums pony division; 2010 in the Pony Equitation.  Currently leased.  Available April 1, 2014.

See a video of Sterling Silver




For Lease: King Me

King Me, or ‘Checkers’, is a big bodied, medium pony gelding with a great personality and competitive edge.  He received ribbons over fences and over-all in the 2007 Pony Finals and has qualified his current rider for the  2012 USEF Equitation finals.  He is soft, quiet, responsive, and fun.  He has a big stride, good lead changes, great jump and a willing attitude.  He does not need any “prep” in order to show well.  His rider is growing and is almost ready for a large pony.  Checkers is currently leased and will be available December 1st 2013.


Pony Finals 2008 8th o/f


Pony Finals 2012 16th o/f


KY Summer 2012


Virginia Intermont 2010


Meet “Checkers”





For Lease – Joe Cool

               Joe CoolNatalie, age seven, on Joe Cool in the small pony division.







                   Champion June 2012: aUpperville in the “local” small division

Joe Cool is a school master Small Pony and my favorite pony in the whole world. He is perfect for short stirrup, children’s pony or as a first small pony for novice riders. He stays underneath his children and develops a great ‘eye’ for his rider. He has a great jump and good lead changes. He has won many classes with several small pony riders doing the “smalls” for the first time. He is available for lease only to an approved rider/trainer who will love him as much as I do. He is currently leased to a young rider in Virginia but will be available April 1, 2014.

See the video of Joe Cool at the Virginia Intermont Classic, March of 2010

See the video of “Buddy”, Joe Cool, playing soccer.