Fiesta Farm EARTH DAY Spring Horse Show 2017

Spring 2017 Prize List printer

ENTER ON-LINE: AVOID THE LINE. We are tentatively expecting a big turn out for the Fiesta Farm EARTH DAY Horse Show on the 22nd-23rd. Therefore, it will help tremendously if you will please enter the show on-line. Here is the process: 1) open You will have to set up an account. 2) Click on Member Services and then create your account. I would just use your name and some sort of simple password. 3) Next, click on MY PEOPLE and then fill in all of your information. It will ask for your USEF number. If you have one, it will populate the rest of the blanks automatically for you but it will also allow you to skip that portion, if you are not a member. Just hit SEARCH without the USEF number and then manually fill in the rest of the sections. 4) That done, go to the MY HORSES section and do the same thing with the horse you will show. If you animal has a USEF numbers most of the blanks will be filled for you. Be sure to fill out the owner screen so that it will know who the animal actually is, if there is no USEF number as a guide. 5) Next, SELECT a SHOW TO ENTER, and select the Fiesta Farm EARTH DAY Spring show (there is a Fiesta CLASSIC. That is NOT THE CORRECT SHOW). 6) Go to “start a new entry” and select your rider and horse that will then be on your drop down list that you just created. All of the information you have filled in should then be on your entry. 7) Select your classes. Save the whole thing and you are done.
After you have entered, you will be able to look to see who else is entered in what classes at the whole show. If you should need to change your mind and scratch or add a class, it is easy to do at any time and should take you 2 minutes. And from here forward, as long as you don’t have to add another animal that is not in the system, entries will be very easy. At this moment, there are very few entries in the show so there isn’t much to see. Hopefully that will improve greatly within the next few days. Please ENTER THIS WEEKEND. Thanks you very much, in advance!!!
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