Fiesta Farm has an extensive selection of literature available to prospective clients.  If you would like a copy of one or other of these bits of information, please contact and make your request.  This informative literature includes:

  • A ONE PAGE SUMMERY of the operation of the farm in a short concise format: this covers how to contact staff members; for what reasons lessons might be cancelled; billing policies and payment policies; etc.
  • FIESTA FARM GUIDELINES; covers, in detail, all of the policies and procedures of the farm.
  • FIESTA FARM PROGRAMS: is an in depth discussing of all of the offerings of the farm.
  • GUIDELINE TO LEASING AND BUYING: covers every possible reason to lease or to buy a horse or pony and the circumstances in which either might better suit a particular situation.  It covers: costs of leasing as well as a rough idea of purchase costs to expect depending on the animal that is needed; expectations to be met in leasing or buying; procedures to be followed; what to expect from the farm in the way of support and help; fees charges; a timeline for most riders moving into the more serious phase of riding; the sorts of horses and ponies that might suit a variety of scenarios; etc.
  • GUIDELINE TO HORSE SHOWING: this document will cover most of the questions that a neophyte show rider, or parent, might like to know in advance of showing.  It covers: rough costs of showing; benefits of showing; equipment and dress appropriate to various levels; the sorts of shows available and their differences; the different classes offered at horse shows; the role of the parent or spouse of an adult rider; etc.
  • FIRST LESSONS: the equipment needed for first lesson; where to purchase it; what sorts of equipment is needed and the consequences of any given choice.
  • PRICE LIST: a list of all of the services provided and the cost of each.