Olivier de Upatoi

Olivier de Upatoi is now available (on December 1st 2017). He has been a terrific first horse for his owner as well as Grace R., who has shown him in the Taylor/Harris Medal and Children’s Hunter for the past two seasons. He requires no prep or professional rides at the horse shows. He is not spooky or “looky” but can go right from the stall to the warm-up to the ring. He is competitive with championships in the Children’s Hunter as well as great ribbons in most of the Taylor/Harris Medals. He has extensive flat training with all of the required lateral work to help his new rider go to the next level of education. He has counter-canter, haunches-in, turn on the haunches, etc. and can execute them all well. He is handy with a good trot jump and roll back turns or sliced jumps. Consider him for your next purchase. Born in 2004, 16.3 Selle Francais, bay gelding. USEF # 4916249.