Holiday MINI HORSE SHOW 2016

Fiesta Farm will host a Mini Horse Show on December 28-29th during the school winter break. It should be a fun show held on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY with Friday reserved for inclement weather on either of the other days. Watch Twitter for confirmation of each day’s show. Simply Google, TWITTER;FIESTAFARM to see current as well as past tweets regarding horse shows. You can find things like: previous division champions, timetables, awards offered, menu items, number of participants per division, etc.

The show will feature a couple of HOLIDAY COSTUM opportunities as well as a gift exchange and HORSE CHRISTMAS TREE. S’mores and hot dogs will be available to toast over the fire.

The show will start at 11:00 a.m. both days and have only 25 classes so that the show can be completed before dark. Beginner Rider, Mini, Short/Long, Schooling, Children’s/Adult and the full complement of Equitation and Medals will be offered. Champion and reserve will receive ribbons in holiday colors. Champions will also receive a gift wrapped prize.

Check out the prize list, if you are interested in showing.


Fiesta Farm Spring Horse Show

Spring flowers on the viewing deck at Fiesta Farm

Spring flowers on the viewing deck at Fiesta Farm

Fiesta Farm will host its annual Spring Horse Show on April 27th and 28th at it farm in West Knoxville.  The show is themed to replicate some of the fun features of the Devon Horse Show in Devon, PA held at the end of May each year as a charity for the Bryn Mawr Hospital.  In honor of the Devon show, Fiesta Farm’s well know snack bar will feature food typically to be found at Devon: home made, luscious layer cakes; crustless tea sandwiches (egg salad, cucumber, cream cheese and dill, PB&J, etc.); lemon chillers; homemade lemonade and specialty teas.   The show will also host a TACK SWAP and vendors like the PLAID PADDOCK and DIXIE LEE NURSERY.

Classes at the show will feature the Equitation Elimination, to be held Saturday mid-day, and the Equitation Extravaganza on Sunday.  There will be a full complement of   Hunter and Equitation classes for Beginner Riders as well as classes over fences and on the flat for Ponies, junior as well as adult riders on horses, plus classes open to all riders, including professions.  Hunter classes are judged classes in which the efficiency and smoothness of the round coupled with the suitability of the horse or pony to the rider are judged.  Equitation classes are judged purely on the rider’s skill in executing the required course of fences or tests without jumps in “flat” classes, in the smoothest and most classic position.  The horse is not considered in these classes including the two featured Equitation classes of the show in which the winner will receive an engraved trophy and special ribbon and the rider’s trainer will receive a gift certificate for a dinner out.  The last series of events on Sunday’s schedule will be Jumper Classes scored on jumping accuracy and faults, with time being the deciding factor in the case of rounds with equal numbers of faults.  Jumper classes are not judged but scored and so are not subjective in any way.

The judge for the event will be Shelby French, and employee of the United States Hunter Jumper Association in Lexington, KY.  Ms. French is working on her USHJA/USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) judges card.  This show is a sanctioned member of the local East Tennessee Hunter Jumper Association.

Spectators are welcome to attend.  The show will run all day, both on Saturday and on Sunday.  On both days the show will start at 8:30 a.m.  For more information, please see the links below or email

Fiesta Farm on-line entry blanks at:

Spring 2013 Prize List (in pages) Fiesta Farm Prize list in PDF format United States Hunter Jumper Association United States Equestrian Federation The Plaid Paddock The Devon Horse Show


Lovin’ Life “Olivia”

LOVING LIFE or Olivia is a seven year old Welsh cross large pony.  She is well bred by Loafer’s Lodge Spring ahead.  Olivia has a PERMANENT CARD at 14.2.  She is a good mover and jumper with great barn manners.  She has been show lightly at local ETHJA shows (see video below), twice in the Children’s Pony in 2013, and in the LARGE GREEN PONY division ONCE in May of 2014.  Her GREEN may be REINSTATED for next year.  She is QUALIFIED for the 2014 Pony Finals in the LG GREEN division.   Olivia should be a terrific large pony with her good looks, top of the line size, age, experience and quality.

See a video of Loving Life below at her first horse show.



Fiesta Farm Fall CLASSIC HORSE SHOW September 8-9, 2012

Featured class on Saturday:  the, Sharon Dok TRY-CHALLENGE offering a custom portrait of your horse or pony’s head to the winner of the class.  Fiesta Farm is very pleased to offer a new artist working in charcoal pencil.  Ms. Dok specializes in animal portraits.  Pictures will be taken after the class and submitted to Ms. Dok.  The featured class on Sunday will be the $500 Gallaher Spa MD HUNTER CLASSIC to be run as a two phase class.  Pewter trophies and ribbons will be awarded in both classes along with the special portrait in the Try-Challenge and prize money in the Hunter Classic.  Please email for a copy of the prize list or for in formation regarding the show.  You may use the ‘on-line’ entry blank at:

Don’t forget to FOLLOW Fiesta Farm on Twitter for updates all day, both show days for information about: number or participants, expected start times of divisions, results, pictures and menu selections.  You may go directly to Twitter, register and the “follow Fiesta Farm or you may use the Twitter tab on our website.

Yes, Yes, Yes

Yes, Yes, Yes: “Maddie”

Yes, Yes, Yes      “Maddie” is a 15.2 TH mare.  She has been shown in the low children’s/adult level jumpers.  She is sweet in the barn, nice to work around, jumps well, is fast, reliable and brave.  She will ‘pull’ any competent rider around a lower level course cleanly and competently.  She is available for a modest investment to an individual but is also available as a donation to a worthy group.

See a short video of Maddie at:





Stonewall Stratus

Stonewall Stratus or “Baylor” is an 8 year old welsh cross gelding, 14.1 1/4. He finished 2012 in 2nd in zone 4 .  He is very well broken, willing to handle mistakes with aplomb, agreeable, easy to get to the ring, suitable for medals, the handy and the conformation classes. He has ribbons and jogs from KY Summer as well as a 7th place award in the large green division at the 2012 Pony Finals. Baylor was also reserve champion in the 2012 ETHJA Pony Medal competition.  He is very competitive and fancy enough to show anywhere in the country. He has shown in the large pony division and hands the bigger fences easily. He has plenty of scope and plenty of stride, a good lead change and a fun personality.

See a video of “Baylor”:


Horse Show Participant. I am working on my September Horse Show prize list. As always, I plan to host the popular Try-Challenge event along with a $500 Hunter Classic. I am trying to get a feel for what sort of classes and schedule YOU would like to see at my horse show. Please take a moment and send me your vote so that I can best meet your individual needs. Please feel free to answer as few or as many questions as you would like. I’m looking forward to hosting a show that meets YOUR needs. Thanks so much for your time and opinion.  I would also love more information, if you want to send me an email evaluation instead of the questionnaire.  Thanks for your help.

Fiesta Adorado (Behr)

Fiesta Adorado is a nice quality large pony with a terrific attitude.  He is by Clovercroft Brennan out of a small Warm-blood mare.  “Behr” is seven years old in 2013 and is ready for a child of his own.  He is quiet and good mannered with a very cute way of going and a good jump.  He will be suitable for the children’s pony division or almost any other activity imaginable.  He is 14.0.  Available for lease or sale.

See a video of Behr at his second “off the farm horse show”.